Hey peeps on the streets anyway what are u doing I’m wanting a friend to come over but all people are too busy I wish I was busy my dad won’t stop asking ?s it’s so crazy annoying u know



Going to bed

He what’s up peeps I’m going to bed and watching a movie pretty lame huh we’ll got to go bye 🙂


Face time

hey what’s up peeps I love to face time like me and comment and give me some truth or dare stuff and all put it on YouTube

Night time

Hey what’s up who watching OSU football tonight comment back and lets find out we all know my brother he hose to OSU



Hey what’s up people how is it we’ll I have 2 brother if u have brothers or sisters comment we’ll talk but any way he’s so weird and like he’s mean and a bully and my 20 year old brother I love him



Heyyyyy what’s up it a me the one and only rconn121 anyhow what are u doing I’m waiting for my friend to come over she is doing chores sooo what are y’all doing and get tango be my fan lol just so u know I’m a popularity person my name is what u comment and tell me hose pices that I send are my kids lol just kidding please like me and follow me leave a comment thanks bye 🙂

IMG_0336.JPG hats my brother he’s 20


Hey listen peeps I been having so much fun with my friends we have been doing play dates till Monday it was so fun now she is coming over today and we’re going swimming




IMG_0213.JPG I’m the brown headed lol:)